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Monday, April 10, 2017

Owl Weekend Getaway April 2/3 2017

     For several weeks this past winter ,I have been following the sightings of great gray owls in northern New York State. Now I am not one to travel around adding birds to a life list ,heck I don't even have a list but this one intrigued me. Owls are awesome creatures and the chance to drive 300 miles instead of thousands to see a possible once in a lifetime owl made it extremely tempting. I made a contact who frequented the location every day  and when it was spotted, off to the races we went. 
      After several hours worth of driving this majestic owl  made its appearance around 6:10 pm. It did not want to play nice and spent much of its time intently hunting in thick woodland  a distance away.While keeping a respectable distance ,we followed the owl down the parkway giving us good looks here and there and left when daylight waned . We arrived  the following morning at sunrise hoping for another glimpse to no avail. A couple barred owls on the roadside  happily obliged the absence of the great grays and made for a memorable trip back home . A quick stop at an owl hot spot on the way home also yielded  us  a couple northern saw -whet owls to put the icing on the cake .

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  1. these are beautiful captures of the wonderful owl! your pics are great and pure...i appreciate your not doing a lot of photoshop on your pics...